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Air Purifying System Triple Action

Neutralizes Harmful Gasses
High-energy oxygen plasma combines easily with most harmful to neutralize, and render them harmless to human beings. For example, NTP Air Sterilizer can lower the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) that causes fatigue, headaches, etc. When oxygen plasmaz neutralize CO, carbon dioxide is produced. This process is irreversible. Thus effectively reducing the amount of CO molecules in the indoor environment.

Inhibits Growth of Harmful Germs & Microbes
NTP Air Sterilizer disrupts the basic biological process of microbes. Oxygen plasmas simply simply combines with the cell structure to negatively affect the growth and activity of certain harmful microbes and germs. This will reduce the amount of harmful entities in the air, easily creating healthier air.

Removes Dust
Nascent oxygen plasmas combine with other oxygen molecules to dorm ions (charged particles), including small ions, mean ions, and large ions. These attract dust particles easily and tend to sink to the ground faster than normal dust particles. This helps to reduce health-problems caused by a dusty environment.